Monday, October 22, 2007

Let me take A breather

When I started this blog, I decided to blog every day. Very soon I realized that it was not possible and decided to blog every week. I was doing pretty well initially until my business responsibilities caught up with me. I was still trying to post every week but I seldom got any of the articles to completion. Today I have more articles in the draft mode than in the published mode.

I had a pretty hectic 3 months till date. There were two major events during this period. One was the first project by Zyxware Technologies. The second was the marriage of my sister. Both are over and I should theoretically be back on track.

The software developed was a web based application to track diseases like Malaria, Chikungunya, Dengue etc. The application was released under the GNU GPL on Oct 5. The release caught the attention of the media for two aspects - 1) The possibility of open source applications speeding up the automation process in our government establishment, 2) The boldness of the decision to give a software, which could sell for reasonably good amounts of money, for free.

My sister's marriage was on Oct 13th 2007. It had been a long awaited event for some time now. Now that it is over my parents are relieved to have fulfilled one of their big time responsibilities. Conspiracies are underway to tie the knot around my neck too. All the life saving skills I have learned till now should help me evade it for some more time, hopefully.

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  1. Hi
    No amount of your life saving skills will be of any avail to you. But anyway it is the right time, that too in the present conventional Indian context.
    Best of luck to you!